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Kata Ambrus – Chocolat de Kat

December 7, 2017

We’re excited to debut Chocolat de Kat’s fantastic truffles in the store today. These were handmade with our Temper Temper and NEW Imperial Stout and are insanely delicious.  We are offering boxes of nine truffles for $22.50, and 2-packs of truffles for $5 that (spoiler alert family!) will absolutely be featured in my stockings come Christmas!


We also wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes of how the magic happens with some of our awesome suppliers - we try to work with small local businesses like us as much as possible! Consider this the first in a series of interviews of the fantastic people we have the pleasure of working with and we think you might enjoy learning about. 

Kata Ambrus – Chocolat de Kat

How did you get started making chocolate?

I was first introduced to the process of making chocolate five years ago in pastry school, but for some reason I never saw myself becoming a chocolatier at the time. It was last winter, when I was settled into a comfortable routine as a freelance baker, that I began to challenge myself with chocolate. I found immense satisfaction in the seemingly limitless possibilities that the medium had to offer. Doing it on my own terms and finding my own style have motivated me to keep learning.


What are your favourite ingredients to work with?

Good quality milk chocolate. I used to be a dark chocoholic until I discovered Valrhona’s Jivara 40% in pastry school. Insaaanely creamy and not too sweet, I couldn’t help but sneak handfuls of the stuff throughout my days there.


Whose work inspires you?

I am heavily inspired by Susanna Yoon, an incredibly talented lady who owns Stick With Me Sweets in New York City. Having previously worked for Thomas Keller, her philosophy is to apply the same level of quality, complexity and detail to her bon bons as those applied to dishes at Michelin star restaurants.


What are you working on that you’re most excited about? 

Current and future collaborations. Creating chocolates around a specific theme or ingredient is not only challenging but also allows me to work with some incredibly inspiring people!


What is your favourite place in Kensington Market?

Other than Kensington Brewery you mean?? It’s so hard to choose! Depends on the situation…Café Pamenar if the weather is nice, Seven Lives if I’m hungry, and Blackbird Bakery any old time :)







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